Employers Liability

There are many different types of insurance available. For example motor trade is an insurance that is purchased by those who run a business that involves cars, motorbikes and vans; especially when it comes to buying and selling cars, valeting, running a garage or repairing and servicing cars. This is differeent to young driver insurance and other cars insurances. Whilse the policies may cover similar things, like fire and theft, they have different purposes.

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Types of policies

There are several types of policies available such as third party only, third party fire and theft, comprehensive, motor trade liability insurance and combined motor trade insurance

Who needs motor trade insurance?

For anyone who works in the vehicle industry, he or she should have this kind of insurance. Not only is it important so that your business runs smoothly; but it is also important to know what you need from your policy and to ensure that you have the coverage you need. Other examples of those who need this insurance are car scrap dealers, vehicle sign makers and car electricians. Keep in mind; you can be as basic or comprehensive; this depends on your needs. 

What are the advantages?

Besides protecting and insuring your cars and other vehicles from theft, fire and accidental damage, this insurance can provide protection for your whole business. In addition, it will allow you to continue running your business should anything unexpected happen to your business. Also, you can alter your policy to fit your individual needs and desires. Some may not know it; but you can drive your customer's vehicles if you need to and be fully insured. In addition, you are also able to add your partner or spouse to your motor trade policy but at a cost. Most importantly, this policy can give you peace of mind. 

Tips when purchasing motor insurance 

There are steps you and I can take that can reduce your motor insurance such as comparing motor insurance quotes. Another step that will help is to get a full business insurance review. A motor insurance specialist can advise you on the requirements necessary and tell you where you can cut back on the cost. It is also important to review your own business activities such as the types of vehicles you work on, the number of drivers you have and the public and employers liability information. 

To conclude, motor trade insurance is insurance that is purchased by those who run a business that involves cars, motorbikes and vans. Talk with a motor insurance agent soon and find out how this insurance can help you and your business!